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I've done the work of visioning and building an organization, and now it's my goal to help others do the same.

As a consultant, I help organizations do the work better. As a coach, I help leaders show up to this work

as their best selves. 

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Research & Strategy

When you're running an organization, project or initiative, it's hard to step back and take the time to really look around, develop a deep understanding of what's going on in your field, and learn from your stakeholders. It's often even harder to prioritize, to figure out what opportunities and challenges are most critical to your work, and how to approach them in a way that resonates with your organization's vision, values, and bandwidth. This is where research and strategy come in. My model is simple: I use my personal experience, training, and industry best practices to support you in asking and answering important questions, setting meaningful goals, and making concrete, actionable plans to achieve them.

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Facilitation & Design

Healthy organizations are living entities, constantly growing and evolving. I support organizations in this work by creating spaces and opportunities for teams to listen and learn together. Often, this takes the form of designing and facilitating in-person and/or virtual gatherings for staff, boards, stakeholders, and more. But this work can take many forms, including surveys and interviews to uncover and leverage the wisdom of your community, custom built workshops, and more. As with all my work, every project is designed to meet your needs and learning goals. 

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Coaching for Changemakers

For even the most capable and thoughtful humans among us, overwhelm and constant noise in our lives and work can make it a challenge to stay on course with our visions and plans for change. That's why I create a safe and confidential space through my coaching practice for clients to open up about challenges, break through barriers, workshop new ideas, and engage in the deep self-reflection and visioning necessary for truly transformative change. I coach changemakers--the people out there doing the hard work of making our world better. Most of my clients are founders of social impact initiatives, and I have a unique connection with them as a founder myself. But I believe coaching is a powerful tool for all the makers of change, regardless of titles or roles. 

Consulting: How it Works

STEP 1: We Talk About Your Needs.

Some people/organizations already know exactly what they're looking for when they reach out (e.g. a strategic plan or a facilitator/designer for an upcoming event). Others aren't sure what they need, but are ready for some external support in order to make their work more strategic and impactful. In these cases, we work together pro bono to diagnose challenges and identify your needs, and then move on to step 2. I take on clients both individually, and through WhyWhisper Collective, a strategy firm and certified B Corporation. If you're ready to connect, click here to schedule a quick consultation.

STEP 2. We Address Your Needs with a Custom Proposal.

 I build every client a custom proposal designed to meet their needs, bandwidth, and budget. In doing this work for over 5 years (and hiring consultants while running my own organization for 7 years before that), I know there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. That's why each proposal is tailored to the needs of the client, and includes detailed deliverables, timelines, and budgets so you know exactly what to expect. You'll review the proposal, tell me what you think, and I'll make any revisions necessary to ensure your needs are met. When you're ready, I turn the proposal into a contract and we sign and get started! I keep projects affordable by minimizing overhead costs, and empower you and your team as we work together, focusing on building internal capacity so you're not dependent on outside help. 

STEP 3: I Manage The Work And Together We Make It Happen.

I am not another person to manage. I've hired consultants like that, and it's frustrating. I lead my clients through every step of the process with full project management services from beginning to end. You'll know exactly what to expect from me, and what I'll need from you and your team. It's my job to keep us all accountable and on track in meeting our goals.

Coaching: How it Works

STEP 1: Understanding What Coaching Is (And Isn't). 

"Coaching" is a term that gets thrown around a lot, and in my experience, most people aren't quite sure what it means. I practice Co-Active coaching, which means I believe that you are the expert in your own life and work. My role as your coach isn't about telling you what to do--it's about guiding you in the articulation of your vision and values, helping you break through challenges, build accountability, create powerful systems, and do your work with ever greater effectiveness, authenticity, and self-awareness. We can work together purely as coach and client, or we can combine coaching and consulting modalities as needed to help you achieve your goals.  

STEP 2: Scheduling a Consultation/Sample Session.

If you're thinking about coaching, even if you don't know that it's right for you, let's talk about it. We can start with a 15 minute consultation to get to know one another, and if you're interested, we can do a sample session as well. None of this comes with any commitment--it's all about figuring out your needs and the right fit for you. If you decide you want to move forward, then we'll move on to step 3. Please note: the majority of my coaching work is remote via Zoom or your preferred video platform, allowing you to join our sessions from the comfort of your home or office. Click here to schedule a consultation. 

STEP 3: Getting Started.

Once we decide to work together, we'll figure out the logistics (e.g. frequency of sessions, duration of our work together, scheduling, and signing a contract). We'll also do a 1-2 hour intake session to dive deep into your vision, values, and the goals of our work together. Then, we begin! 

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