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Founder to founder, we'll leverage best practices from coaching and consulting in one or multiple hour-long sessions that empower you to navigate your organization's greatest challenges. 


Let me help you learn from sector best practices and organizational stakeholders in order to set meaningful strategic goals and make a concrete and actionable plan to achieve them.  


Together we'll identify learning goals for your team and/or desired outcomes for an upcoming event and use either existing workshops and trainings or create new ones to build the capacity of your team.

For over a decade, I've worked with people and organizations to turn big ideas into impactful and lasting initiatives. My model is simple: I use my personal experience, research, and industry best practices to support you in navigating the unique challenges you face. I keep projects affordable by minimizing overhead costs, and empower my clients as we work together, focusing on building your internal capacity so you're not dependent on outside support. I take on clients both individually, and as a proud member of WhyWhisper Collective. Interested in learning more? Let's talk.