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I love my clients, and it seems like the feeling is mutual. Below are just some of the incredible organizations I've gotten to work with over the years, and a little bit of what they have to say about it. 



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Dana Gulley
Founder & Lead Consultant, Third Peak Solutions

I didn't totally know what to expect when I reached out to Rachel for coaching, but I knew I needed support to define and reach new professional goals. What I found was someone who is caring, inquisitive and really good at what she does. Working with Rachel led me to tectonic-plate-shifting realizations, increased alignment between my professional and personal values, and clarity about how I want to shape the next chapter of my life.

Rebecca M.
The NAS Team

The NAS Team

Our work with Rachel has shown us new ways of seeing and being. It has supported our organization growing to a new level of collaboration. We deeply appreciate and benefit from her abilities to form and facilitate creative and fun processes that surface new information and create space for difficult conversations.”

Darnell Rice

Lorenzo Lewis
Founder, The Confess Project

Rachel and her fantastic services have been a beautiful exchange and mostly a great opportunity to become one of the Nations Top-Serving Mental Health Non-Profits. I’m almost assured that our organization growth, sustainability and revenue growth have come from the backbone of her coaching, planning and advisory services.

Arielle McKenzie

Rebecca M.
Nonprofit Director

Rachel's coaching was indispensable for helping me to identify my core values and then map those onto my work, both for my current role and for future roles. The framing questions and exercises she shared gave much-needed structure to my process and allowed me to feel less overwhelmed.

Darnell Rice
Director of Membership and Engagement, L&J Empowerment

[Our work with Rachel] has lifted our vision and mission for the organization for years to come. Rachel really cares about client’s growth and development.

Arielle McKenzie
Co-Founder & CEO, Caresplit

Rachel was instrumental in helping our company create our strategy and refine our value proposition to customers. She is an incredible facilitator that somehow manages to make all stakeholder voices feel included and empowered in this important work. Our team left our workshop with her feeling heard and energized. We highly recommend Rachel!

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